Credit Card

Use Your Indian Credit History To
Kick-start Your Credit History Abroad

Kickstart your financial life abroad by starting to build a credit score. For all your basic necessities – from getting a cell phone plan, to renting a house, buying a car, and occasionally even to apply for a job, you need to have a credit score. The simplest approach to begin establishing credit history abroad is by using a credit card.

CredWings, in collaboration with Zolve, assists you in applying for prestigious International credit cards using your Indian credit history.

  1. Without a credit history abroad, apply for premium International credit cards.
  2. Get customized credit card recommendations based on your Indian credit score so you may apply with more assurance of being accepted.
  3. Select premium credit cards with no annual fee, no required security deposit, and 0% introductory interest rates.
  4. Starting from Day 1, get rewards and advantages like cash backs, airline miles, hotel points, and much more.

Step Towards a Brighter Future with CredWings... Find out how !