Education Loan

Education Loan

Higher education allows you the freedom to design a life of your dreams. Education loan not only allows you to fund course but also takes care of all the other expenses related to it. Therefore, covering all the education expenses. Most of the banks and lending institutions cover 90% of the total cost of education. This cover includes:

  1. Tuition fees
  2. Hostel expenses
  3. Exam fees
  4. Library and lab fees
  5. Travelling expenses
  6. Books, uniform and other essential costs

The student has the liability to pay back the loan. This gives a satisfying feeling to the students as they repay the loan amount. It also gives them a chance to contribute to their career. Students get a boost in confidence and a sense of purpose through education loan.

A student with no/less financial support from his/her family, aiming to pursue higher education, can fulfil their dreams with the help of an educational loan.

Studying with an educational loan makes a student more responsible towards education and finances.

Parents do not have to break their retirement or emergency funds to educate their children.

A student can enjoy a moratorium period of 6 months to 1 year.

Educational loans help in meeting the growing financial needs of the students with regard to a particular higher study course.

The loan amount can be repaid easily as it includes flexible terms and conditions. Candidates can pay the loan amount in easy installment schemes after completion of the course.

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